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Eval12 Session 277: Growing a Backbone: Place-based Work and Collective Impact

Abstract: Recent work by the Foundation Strategies Group on “collective impact” has been getting a great deal of attention in philanthropic, government and nonprofit arenas. This panel will present three different evaluations of projects in Grand Rapids, Michigan that are applying the collective...

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Eval10 Session 755: Data Dashboard Design for Quality Monitoring and Decision Making

While the business intelligence industry has excelled in generating robust technologies that are able to handle huge repositories of data, little progress has been made in turning that data into knowledge. Data dashboards represent the most recent attempt at turning data into actionable...

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Focus Search - •dashboards look fun, like video games•the IT department is bored •the data warehouse still hasn’t produced the promised ROI We have outlined how data dashboards can be a unique, effective solution for program monitoring, strategic planning and improvement