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Eval11 Session 253: Data and Information Visualization Throughout the Evaluation Life Cycle

In this session presenters will share approaches and examples of how to incorporate innovative data and information visualization techniques throughout each stage of the evaluation life cycle to support participatory evaluation and build evaluation capacity

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Eval13 Session 830: How to Climb the R Learning Curve Without Falling Off the Cliff: Advice From Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced R Users [Handout]

We shared real world examples of how we've used R to create data visualizations that were previously impossible for evaluators who don't have access to expensive software packages. Panelists shared their experiences learning R and will highlight the tips, tricks, and resources needed to transform beginner R users into R superstars and speakRs

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CBW036: Evaluating Data Visualizations - Steve Fleming

Steve Fleming from NCEA will share the criteria they use to examine and improve their data visualizations

AEA data viz 2011-01-101.pptx

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Creating Cross-Agency Longitudinal Datasets for Education Research

Big data is everywhere. As evaluators, often our task is to transform data into information that answers questions and guides better decision-making. However, existing data is often collected for a myriad of purposes, siloed in separate agencies, and protected by different privacy laws. The...

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Focus Search - Creating Cross-Agency Longitudinal Datasets for Education Research Authors Security Linking Cleaning Sarah Frazelle Senior Advisor for Research & Evaluation; Education Northwest Jared Silver Data Architect and Manager; Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University Havala Hanson Senior Advisor for Research & Evaluation; Education Northwest Information & Resources for DATA SECURITY Although laws vary across states and countries, some consistent best practices in data security include: · Designate a team to coordinate policies and IT infrastructure · Make sure there is a data sharing agreement in place for all student level data that is shared by an education agency. · Only share student level data through a password protected and encrypted sites endorsed by your IT group and approved by legal counsel · Never email files containing student level information · Keep printed reports stored in a secure locked location · Always double check your policies with your legal counsel Web Resources Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations (FERPA) document The U.S

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Data Security Survival Skills for 21st Century Evaluators

Handouts for AEA 2013 Skillbulding Workshop 112 (slides and "Data Security Survival Guide"--how to develop a data security plan) #DataSecurity #HowTo

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Focus Search - Before you develop the data security plan for your evaluation, gather the following documents, if relevant:What is a data use agreement?

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Handling Data: From Logic Model to Final Report Handout from SI10

Sessions Description: Collect, analyze, and present data from complex evaluation studies in ways that are feasible for the evaluator and meaningful to the client. Explore lessons learned through over twenty years in evaluation consulting to ask the right questions, collect the right data and...