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Treasurer's Report at 2009 Business meeting

Treasurer's Report at 2009 Business meeting: slides shown at meeting, plus slides regarding member benefits. #report #Treasurer #meeting #business #2009Conference

Treasurer's Report for eLibrary.pdf

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Involving program clients as participants: practiced based advice for better cost-inclusive evaluation

slides for my presentation at AEA 2013. - Brian Yates #costcostbenefitcosteffectivenessTreasurer #2013Conference #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics

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Focus Search - ) • What would need to be paid for them (replacement cost) • What they are worth to the community, society (opportunity cost) • What they are, and how much of them was used (complete description & quantification) evaluate costs costs as types & amounts of resources used • … to show contribution of volunteered services and donated facilities • fairer comparisons between programs • translate costs to different countries and times • replicate program • understand of what the program is • improve effectiveness or reduce costs or both evaluate costs common cost data options • methods • survey • self-report • observation • instruments • computer (e.g., Drug Abuse Treatment Cost Analysis Program, DATCAP) • paper-and-pencil spreadsheets evaluate costs my advice to measure costs: ask representative of each interest group to: • list the activities of the program--what it does • for each activity, list the resources invested in the Activity by each interest group • In the resulting resource → activity matrix, estimate,the amount of each resource used for each activity • verify estimates with actual measurements evaluate costs activities (examples) • Individual Counseling • Group Counseling • Acupuncture • Pharmacotherapy • Education about HIV and STDs • Vocational Counseling • Case Management evaluate costs resources (examples) • time and skills of treatment personnel • administrators and office personnel • space, furniture, equipment • transportation • communication services • liability insurance • financing evaluate costs construct Resource → Activity Matrices • provider perspective • consumer perspective • consumer family perspective • taxpayer perspective • community perspective • funder perspective • evaluator perspective evaluate costs Resource → Activity Matrix Program Resources ↓ ← Program Activities →← Program Activities →← Program Activities →← Program Activities →Program Resources ↓ Individual Counseling Group Counseling