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Workforce Issues Affecting Public School Teachers, January 2013

The report by Idaho’s legislative Office of Performance Evaluations (OPE) was a first-of-its kind effort in recent years to gather and report the perspectives of all Idaho’s K-12 educators and administrators. OPE received input on teacher workforce needs and conditions from 2,486 teachers, 256...

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Needs Assessment Tools to Guide Decision-making: Multicriteria Analysis and Pair-wise Comparison

A foundation of successful interventions (projects, policies, etc.) is that we make decisions about "what" before decisions about "how". Yet all of us frequently make less-than-optimal decisions for lots of reasons - such as a lack of time, limited knowledge of options, or reliance on...

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Eval12 Session 462: How to start a needs assessment - If you don't get off on the right foot it is more likely to fail

Presentation by James W. Altschuld, Hsin-Ling Hung & Yi-Fang Lee Presentation Workshop: Most evaluators have been involved in a needs assessment (NA) but are not too familiar with how to get them started to enhance the likelihood of getting results used. This entails that the facilitator of a...

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Eval11 Session 112: Methodological Issues in Needs Assessment for Quality Assurance in a National Context: The Case of Head Start Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment (NA) is commonly conducted by agencies or institutions for assessing needs related to program improvement or the provision of services. When this type of NA is conducted at the individual agency or organizational level, the results are critical input for program/ strategic...

Methodological_Issues_in_Needs_Assessment_AEA_2011_Hung & Altschuld.pptx

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Toward Universal Design for Evaluation: Including People With Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Abstract and PowerPoint presentation from Panel Session 463: Toward Universal Design for Evaluation. A major focus of research and evaluation at the Institute for Community Inclusion is studying and improving day and employment services for people with intellectual/developmental...

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Evaluation in an Ever-changing Context: Two Differing Approaches to Evaluating Homeless Programs

Powerpoint presentation focusing on our evaluation of the Miami Dade County Homeless Trust was impacted by the political context, namely the released sex offenders being forcecd to live under a bridge that connects Miami to Miami Beach, and how the entire evaluation was shaped by this issue. ...


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Empowerment Evaluation in Context: Tools for Determining Impact of State Capacity Building for Increasing Outcomes of Students With Disabilities

Handouts from the session. Abstract: This session will present the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center's (NSTTAC) Evaluation Toolkit. We begin with an overview of NSTTAC's capacity-building model and how data-based decision-making is used to improve outcomes of students...

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