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Creating Cross-Agency Longitudinal Datasets for Education Research

Big data is everywhere. As evaluators, often our task is to transform data into information that answers questions and guides better decision-making. However, existing data is often collected for a myriad of purposes, siloed in separate agencies, and protected by different privacy laws

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Focus Search - Department of Education’s Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) offers up to date guidance and free training modules Guidance from the Data Quality Campaign on FERPA compliance from a policymaker’s view Specific guidance for disclosure avoidance Information & Resources for DATA LINKING Steps for designing your own identity resolution software · Identify what data elements you have to match (SSN, name, address, etc) · Define the Exact and “Fuzzy” matching criteria

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Poster Session 91-Propensity Score Matching for the Evaluation of a Federal Teacher Incentive Fund Grant

This is a copy of the poster that was presented in the opening poster reception. Note the size will not allow you to print on standard paper. #matching #propensity #Evaluation2009 #2009Conference #score


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Eval 2013 Session 29 - An Evaluation of Teach For America in Texas Schools: Findings, Issues and Challenges

The purpose of this evaluation was to estimate the effect of TFA corps members and TFA alumni on Texas student mathematics and reading scores as measured by the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) exam in Texas in the 2010-11 school year. Using propensity score matching to create...

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Focus Search - In particular, Patricia Sullivan from the Data Development, Analysis and Research Division and Nina Taylor and Perry Weirich from the Information Analyses Division for their assistance and flexibility in ensuring that the Edvance Research team received the multiple data needed for this evaluation in a timely and secure manner