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Eval11 Poster 126: Building Evaluation Capacity in Informal Science Edcation through Strategic Collaboratoin

Poster Abstract: A major goal of Informal Science Education (ISE) is to address and improve upon, the lack of standardized tools and strategies to effectively measure outcomes and impacts across programs. Through a dynamic collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s DEVISE (Developing, Validating and Implementing Situated Evaluations) project and Harvard Medical School’s Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency (PEAR), we intend to test and validate existing, new, or modified instruments in afterschool settings and in projects that engage the public in scientific research (sometimes referred to as “citizen science”)


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Eval12 Session 663: Framework for Evaluating Individual Learning Outcomes of Citizen Science

Developed by the DEVISE (Developing, Validating, and Implementing Situated Evaluations) team as part of a 3-yearNSF grant to build evaluation capacity in citizen science programs. Presentation Abstract: Projects that engage the public in scientific research, (often referred to as “citizen science”) have grown and expanded in the last 20 years


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What Can We Learn From a Collection of Over 500 Evaluation Reports? - Poster AEA 2015

The Building Informal Science Education (BISE) project coded 520 evaluation reports posted to

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Focus Search - Additional guidance came from the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) Portfolio Inquiry Group’s codebook, which was developed to analyze publicly available NSF informal science education (ISE) award data (Baek, 2011)

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Evaluation of an Initiative Designed to Encourage Young Women to Seek Engineering Careers: The Engineer Your Life Initiative

(AEA 2010 Poster Presentation 137) This paper describes the three-year evaluation of an effort funded by the National Science Foundation to: 1) increase college-bound females’ understanding of engineering, 2) inspire young women to explore engineering as a career and 3) help counselors and engineers encourage young women to investigate engineering opportunities

Evaluation of Engineer Your Life_Paulsen.pdf

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Eval12 Poster 69: Measuring Learning in Youth Development Programs Using Personal Meaning Maps

Poster 69: Measuring Learning in Youth Development Programs Using Personal Meaning Maps Presenter(s): Amy Grack Nelson, Science Museum of Minnesota, Gayra Ostgaard, Science Museum of Minnesota, Abstract: Many youth development programs have content-related outcomes

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Focus Search - Measuring Learning in Youth Development Programs Using Personal Meaning Maps Amy Grack Nelson, Evaluation and Research Associate & Gayra Ostgaard, Museum Evaluator This work was supported by NASA’s Competitive Program for Science Museums and Planetariums under the grant number NNX09AL39G

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Eval10 Session 258: Evaluation in Action: A Sample of Tracking and Timing Methodologies in Museums, Culturals, and Informal Education Settings

This session was presented at the 2010 AEA conference in San Antonio. It contains PDFs of PowerPoints presented by Kathleen Tinworth, Cheryl Kessler, Joe E. Heimlich, Carey Tisdal, and Claudia Figueiredo. #Informal #2010Conference #museums #timing #Instruments #HowTo ...

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Focus Search - Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination • Boston: Museum of Science. Retrieved November 3, 2010 from ination. Tisdal Consulting, AEA, 2010 20 TRACKING: WHEN IT’S SIMPLY TOO LARGE Joe E