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Eval11 Session 569: An Outcome Evaluation of a Family Drug Court Model for Children and Families Affected by Substance Abuse

The Regional Meth Partnership, funded by the federal Children's Bureau, provided intensive services through a family treatment drug court model. The study explored outcome differences between families participating in family treatment drug count and families who did not participate in this model

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Eval11 Session 717: Conceptualizing & Valuing Child Welfare Outcomes in Evaluation

Evaluators commonly struggle with defining and measuring child welfare outcomes. The Federal Child and Family Service Reviews (CFSR) specify child welfare outcome goals in three areas: safety, permanency, and well-being. However, considerable variation in local context leads to different...

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Focus Search - A wide variety of services fall under this umbrella including parenting classes, counseling, life skills classes, substance abuse treatment, and so on. 5 Child Welfare Outcomes Child & Family Services Reviews (CFSR) Safety Permanency Family & Child Well-Being Basis for state/agency outcomes The Social Security Amendments of 1994 required the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct reviews of state child welfare programs