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Eval11 Session 144: Gender Empowerment in Basic Development Needs (BDN) Initiative

Poster background information from AEA Evaluation 2011: WHO /EMRO initiated Basic Development Needs (BDN) in diverse countries of the region following objectives: - Organising the community and building its capacity - Promoting self-management and self-reliance - Building relationships with different stakeholders Partnership was necessary between the community, facilitators, and technical support team

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Eval11 Session 560: Evaluating the Development of Community in Communities of Practice

Discussion starting points will be: member participation (e.g., self-management of knowledge needs, agreement on style of working together, learning orientation, and concern about quality of relationships), leadership (e.g., making working together as a community possible), and tools/processes that support the work (e.g., for communication, relationship building, and task completion)

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Focus Search - Proposed critical elements of approaches for lea...

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Eval12 Session 738: Expanding the Evidence on Dissemination of Evidence-Based Interventions: A Strategy Evaluation

From abstract: To identify effective strategies states used to disseminate evidence-based interventions and to inform CDC Arthritis Program strategy, Westat conducted a cross-site evaluation of 21 state health departments. The evaluation identified processes states used to disseminate...

ACEP AEA presentation 27 Oct 2012_FINAL.pptx

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Evaluating a Tribal In-Home Asthma Assessment Project

This is a poster for Evaluation 2013. The poster includes a logic model, evaluation questions, methods, and results from an in-home asthma assessment project in a tribal community. The evalution focused on challenges with implementing a best practice. #logicmodel #asthma #CDC


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Cost-Inclusive Evaluation: Examples from Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Session: 1103 AEA 2015 in Chicago, IL "… You will finish this workshop knowing what "cost studies" all too often are, and what cost-inclusive evaluation can and should be. You will see how evaluations that include resources used the program, plus resources generated by the program, can help...

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Eval12 Session 755: Mixed Methods Evaluation of Team Science Education

Abstract: Novel educational offerings aimed at training translational researchers in the skills necessary to pursue collaborative, team-based research have increased with the introduction of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA). Yet evaluating team training curriculum and its...

Rainwater & Henderson Team Science AEA 2012.pdf

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Involving program clients as participants: practiced based advice for better cost-inclusive evaluation

slides for my presentation at AEA 2013. - Brian Yates #costcostbenefitcosteffectivenessTreasurer #2013Conference #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics

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Focus Search - ACTIVITIES (examples) • intake • assessment • di...

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Eval10 Session 330: Marketing the Online You: Developing and Maintaining an Online Presence

Demonstration Session 330 to be held in Bowie A on Thursday, Nov 11, 3:35 PM to 4:20 PM Sponsored by the Independent Consulting TIG The purpose of this demonstration is to illustrate the basic steps in creating an online presence that extends your professional reach to a much broader audience....

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Focus Search - Marcos Salazar on August 13th, 2009 * * Why Crea...