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Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Comprehensive School Reform in Low Achieving Schools

Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association Conference, Orlando FL, November, 2009 Session #608, Friday November 13, 3:35-4:20 p.m. #2009Conference #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics #Evaluation2009

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Looking at a Locally Shaped Program Across The Globe: Evaluation Challenges and Solutions

The pilot of Microsoft's Innovative Schools Program has aimed to support 12 diverse schools around the globe - secondary schools and primary schools, private and public, schools in traditional systems and schools that are breaking the mold. What the schools have in common is a desire to prepare...

Gorges_Innovation Around the World_AEA 2009_public.pdf

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Charter School Evaluation: Trends, Challenges, and Prospects

Review of charter school evaluation practice in three areas: (1) large-scale policy evaluation, (2) high-stakes (renewal) evaluation, and (3) evaluation for program improvement. Addresses current trends and diffculties, as well as opportunities for the future. #policy #evaluation ...

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Grappling With the Unexpected From Firefighting to Systematic Action - Slides from SI10

Session Description: All evaluators deal with unintended events that foul their evaluation plans. Either the program does not work as planned, or the evaluation does not work as planned, or both. Usually we treat these situations as fires, i.e. we exercise our skills to meet the crisis. This...

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Parallel Evaluation for Accountability and Learning

The current narrative of accountability is constructed through a neo-liberal economic perspective that is hegemonic and difficult to modify and reformulate so that the same evaluations can serve the masters of learning and bureaucratic accountability. Building on Vaclev Havel’s notions of...

Accountability and Learning, Mathison AEA13.doc

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An Evaluation of High Stakes Tests in Respect to Special Needs Populations

Including students with disabilities under the regulations of NCLB has been controversial since the law was approved. According to Darling-Hammond (2007), approximately one-third of public schools have been classified as failing to meet AYP with projections reaching as high as 80% of schools...

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Eval12 Session 167: Strategies for Promoting Evaluation Use in the Complex Ecology of Nonprofits

This panel addressed strategies for promoting evaluation use in a variety of nonprofit settings. Panelists shared their perspectives on the multiple roles evaluators inhabit; working with stakeholders to promote use throughout the evaluation process, developing a theory of action with...

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