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Process Improvement Techniques for Program Evaluation: Value Stream and Process Flow Mapping

Materials for skil-building session presented at 2013 AEA Conference in Washington DC. #bogatova #valuestream #lean #processflow #processimprovement #Instruments #miller

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Grappling With the Unexpected From Firefighting to Systematic Action - Slides from SI10

His theoretical interests include unexpected behavior in programs and their evaluations, logic models, continuous process improvement methodologies in evaluation, complex systems, and the nature of practical action

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Eval12 Session 755: Mixed Methods Evaluation of Team Science Education

Abstract: Novel educational offerings aimed at training translational researchers in the skills necessary to pursue collaborative, team-based research have increased with the introduction of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA). Yet evaluating team training curriculum and its...

Rainwater & Henderson Team Science AEA 2012.pdf

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Eval12 Session 832: Leveraging Evaluative Metrics and Developing Tactical Interventions that Maximize Program Impact

Two quantitative approaches are presented. (1) Subject-level calculations are effective for applifying impact scores. (2) Perceptual maps can be highly effective for communicating tactics and strategies. The quantification of impact and providing direction for improvement are core...

Final DRC AEA presentation Oct 2012 v9 smp.pptx