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Eval11 Session 218: Knowledge Flow: Valuing this element of the evaluation process

"The flow of knowledge is woven into the fabric of organizational learning. It ties evaluative thinking to better performance. The most effective way for an organization to do better is to value that flow." To knowledgeably evaluate, the organization must evaluate its knowledge. Integrated...

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Developing and Using Evaluation Checklists to Improve Evaluation Practice

Overview of developing and validating evaluation checklists presented by Wes Martz, Nadini Persaud, and Daniela Schroeter. Session 423 GS&NE business meeting presentation. #GraduateStudentandNewEvaluators #EvaluationUse #validatingchecklists #checklists #Evaluation2009 ...

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Eval 2013 Session 307: Integrated Approach to Results Management in a Knowledge Organization - The Experience of the World Bank Institute

Materials shared in the session at the 2013 Conference session on the World Bank Institute's approach to results management. The panel includes a conceptual introduction to the Capacity Development and Results Framework, an exploration of the World Bank Institute's results management cycle and...

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