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Session 462 (Federal Policy and Performance Managment) - presentation by Baum and Gluck

This paper presents a framework for federal program staff to rate the quality and reliability of the data they report on performance. The basis for this is OMB Circular A-11 #Performance #GovernmentEvaluation #Quality #Data #2009Conference #Evaluation2009

AEA presentation Nov 2009_final without notes.ppt

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Aye Aye Captain: Navigating Evaluation Data Collection as an External Evaluation Consultant

This presentation explored data collection issues faced by external evaluators (contractors) to meet evaluation design and data collection needs, including: • the challenge of meeting client needs that are not always fully conveyed in requests for proposal (RFP) or Question and Answer...

2016 AEA Federal Data Collection Bernstein.pptx

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2010 AEA President Announced

Press release announcing Leslie J. Cooksy as AEA's 2010 President. #President #AEA #University #of #Leslie #Delaware #Cooksy


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Rumbles from the North

Presentation by François Dumaine on the professional designations program. #Evaluation2009

preRumbles from the North_CES_V1.ppt

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Performance Management in the Obama Administration

Handouts to accompany plenary presentation at 2010 Summer Evaluation Institute. Session Description: Professor Newcomer will describe the context and challenges the Obama Administration’s approach to performance management confronts. She will describe the legacy of performance measurement...


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Eval12 Session 773: Developmental Evaluation in Practice: Lessons and Tips from an Evaluation of the Convergence Partnership

Abstract: Evaluators are increasingly being asked to examine complex and dynamic social and environmental change initiatives that call for equally dynamic approaches to evaluation. Developmental evaluation offers new ways to think about and approach evaluation to support and accommodate emergent...

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Focus Search - 12 Strategies Collaboration Equity-focused Environmental and Policy Change Multi-field Partnerships CONVERGENCE 14 National Policy Initiatives Built Environment Federal Transportation Reauthorization Access to Healthy Foods National Healthy Food Financing Initiative Farmers’ market access for SNAP recipients Influencing the 2012 Farm Bill Federal Policy Advocacy Health Reform Communities Putting Prevention to Work Sustainable Communities Healthy People 2020 Child Nutrition Reauthorization Community Transformation Grants 15 15 Building the Field Locally and Regionally Field Building Innovation Fund Regional Convergence Violence Prevention-Healthy Eating Active Living Project 16 16 17 17 Innovation Fund Goals Support foundations to shift grantmaking towards policy and environmental change strategies targeting health and equity; Create local and sustainable resources for promising, innovative strategies to build healthy, equitable communities; Promote multi-field partnerships on the ground, and; Support partnership among foundations. 18 18 Regional Convergence Goals Build new connections, leadership and capacity Help practitioners, advocates, foundations and communities maximize their efforts Stimulate resources for issues of local concern Increase possibilities and momentum for comprehensive policy change Expand capacity for equity 19 Regional Convergence Structure 20 Funder Funder Nonprofit Funder Funder Funder Funder Project Director Fiscal Agent National Model Colorado Model Michigan Model HPHP Investments & Activities HPHP Community Projects HPHP Investments & Activities Equity Economy Environment Funders Technical Advisors Statewide Constituency Groups Community Constituency Groups 20 One size doesn’t fit all. 21 Convergence Partnership Support Facilitate relationships across regions and with the national partnership Provide technical guidance and mentoring Help to identify, connect, and build momentum for policy change efforts Provide seed funding to support regional convergence planning and implementation activities 22 Tools Policy Briefs Promising Strategies for Creating Healthy Eating and Active Living Environments Recipes for Change: Healthy Food in Every Community Fostering Physical Activity for Children and Youth: Opportunities for a Lifetime of Health The Transportation Prescription: Bold New Ideas for Healthy, Equitable Transportation Reform 23 Communications and Evaluation Communications Strategic communications plan Message guide Online and in-person communications activities Internal & External Evaluations “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts” Policy impacts Ongoing feedback loop 24 24 25 25 26 Evaluation is viewed as a critical element to show the impact of the Partnership in the field and in philanthropy

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Eval11 Session 443: Scaling Up the Replication Ladder: Considerations in Evaluating Scale-up Efforts

Handouts and notes from Think Tank exploring challenges and promising practices associated with evaluating programs that are either considering or undertaking scale-up into new geographic regions or contexts. Participants in this session will explore challenges and promising practices associated...

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Focus Search - What are “climate” factors, how fertile  is the ground—need to identify the context  Federal policy to state to local level differences, rural, suburban, inner city—how do differences in  context affect outcomes? 

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FY05 and FY06 Systems Transformation Grants: Factors that Influence Grantees' Efforts to Change Community Long-Term Support and Service Systems

Powerpoint slides for Systems Transformation Grants presentation; part of Session 631: Multi-paper Session: Adaptation to Local Contexts #Cluster,Multi-SiteandMulti-LevelEval #2009Conference #Evaluation2009

2009 AEA Abel STG Session 11.13.09.ppt