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Eval2013: A Rapid Ethnographic Assessment of High School Dropout in a South African Township

This entry contains slides from Holly Karakos's presentation at the 2013 AEA Meeting. The presentation highlights a rapid ethnographic assessment conducted in a community in Cape Town, South Africa to consider the issue of high school drop out. The presentation highlights the approach to the...

Karakos Presentation.pptx

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Eval11 Session 788: Deliberative Democratic Evaluation and Expanding the Role of Evaluation in the Policy Process

This paper explores deliberative democratic analysis as a way to expand the role of evaluation in the policy process. It examines the relationship between evaluation and policy change, explores mechanisms for effective democratic evaluation and addresses how these mechanisms can be integrated...

Deliberative Democratic Evaluation 2011.pdf

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Empowerment Evaluation in Context: Tools for Determining Impact of State Capacity Building for Increasing Outcomes of Students With Disabilities

Handouts from the session. Abstract: This session will present the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center's (NSTTAC) Evaluation Toolkit. We begin with an overview of NSTTAC's capacity-building model and how data-based decision-making is used to improve outcomes of students...

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Focus Search - measurable) (Scriven, 2007, p. 3). 12 � Student-led IEPs � Getting parents involved � Interagency collaboration � School dropout rates � Monitoring I-13 � Initiative in Fairview County Which of the following breakout sessions did you find useful?