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EVAL2014: Automated Research Impact Assessment

Presented in Session 1277. As federal programs are held more accountable for their research investments, The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has developed a new method to quantify the impact of our funded research. In this paper, we will review traditional...

ARIA for AEA 10-17-14.pdf

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Eval11 Session 294: Beyond Induction: Articulating the Long-Term Impact of an Induction Program on Beginning Teachers and Mentor Teachers

Long-term impact is an assumed goal of most educational programs. But, most evaluation designs do not include data collection beyond short-term outcomes. This paper focuses on the value of collecting data regarding the long-term outcomes and impact of a teacher induction program on beginning...


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Eval10 Session 203: Understanding State Level Program Impact: AEA Panel 2010

Fidelity is the extent to which the intervention, as realized, is “faithful” to the pre-stated model. Measuring implementation fidelity provides data for understanding the overall impact of the program at the teacher level, site level, and state level. This paper describes the tools used to...

Understanding State Level Impact Using Implementation Fidelity.pdf