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Eval11 Session 985: Performance Evaluation on National Policies and Strategies for Child Development

The purpose of this research was to evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and result of management and performance in national policies and strategies for child development by mixed methods evaluation

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Focus Search - As a result, Thailand’s policies, strategies and...

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AEA 2013 Presentation Slides - Evaluating the Use of Evidence-Based Principles across the Social Ecology

Panel Presentation Title: Evaluating the Use of Evidence-Based Principles across the Social Ecology October 17th 8:00 a.m. Columbia Ballroom Section 1 Session Abstract: The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) offers the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework, a set...

AEA Panel - Evidence Based Principles_10.10.2013_eLibrary.pptx

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Measuring the Impact of the YMCA’s Centres of Community

Handout of poster presented at 2013 AEA Conference. #YMCA

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Focus Search - physical activity) • Healthy child devel...

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884 - Evaluative Tools for Articulating & Monitoring Foundation Strategy

Foundation strategy as defined by the Center for Effective Philanthropy is “a framework for decision making that is focused on the external context in which the foundation works and includes a hypothesized causal connection between use of foundation resources and goal achievement.” The...

AEA09strategy tools_final.ppt

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Eval14_Consenting (Not) to Participate

Evaluation 2014 Conference presentation (Youth-Led Evaluation TIG) on ethical issues in evaluation with young people. #Ethics #Youth #children #YouthFocusedEvaluation #2014Conference #HowTo #Instruments #informedconsent


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Eval14: From Headlines to Sparklines: Using Media Tracking in a Real World Context (AEA 2014)

Have you been hoping to add media tracking to your evaluation toolkit? Have you wondered how it can fit into policy and advocacy evaluation? This demonstration session will showcase how media tracking was used in a developmental policy evaluation that examines the placement of early childhood...

AEA 2014 - Media Tracking_FINAL.pdf

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Sample RPT Questions

There are RPT items on this questionnaire that was designed to evaluate a training program. #Instruments #RPT #IndependentConsulting

Sample Participant Workshop Survey.pdf

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Using Program Evaluation to Improve Nonprofit Outcomes

Handouts to accompany the Using Program Evaluation to Improve Nonprofit Outcomes session at 2010 Summer Evaluation Institute Session Description: Funders, communities, and service recipients themselves ask that nonprofits show results and demonstrate progress towards service goals. Yet,...

CDCPerformance Measurement Workshop june2010.ppt

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Eval12 Session 952: Managing the Impact of Staff Turnover on Evaluation Capacity & Quality

Presentation Abstract: Evaluators are often challenged to maintain evaluation quality while building staff capacity for the evaluation. Accomplishing both tasks becomes especially challenging with staff and leadership turnover. The panelist will provide an overview of a residential family...


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South African National Evaluation System

This is a set of documents on the South African evaluation system. It includes the National Evaluation Policy Framework, National Evaluation Plans, Standards, Competencies and Guidelines. Evaluation Update is a two monthly update on progress with evaluations. #SystemsinEvaluation ...

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Focus Search - Scientific evidence for the importance of early ...