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A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Repositories in Behavioral Health

The presentation presents results from a National Institute of Health funded study titled “A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Program Repositories in Behavioral Health”. The purpose of the study was to better understand best-practice repositories for behavioral health, in order to highlight issues that may improve their future operation, and also to better understand the paradigms of evidence currently used for certifying best-practices

AEA 2015 PowerPoint Combined Final.pdf

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Eval12 Session 909: Evaluating Federally-Funded Multi-Site Behavioral Health Programs: Methodological Approaches and Lessons Learned

This document includes the four presentations that were delivered in this panel on Federally-funded multi-site behavioral health evaluations that focused on (1) conceptual approaches and issues, (2) implementation and data collection, (3) data management, and (4) data analysis and reporting

Eval12 Session 909 - Presented 10-27-12.pdf

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Factors Influencing Changes to an Outcomes Measurement System over a Decade

Information for the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration’s (BHA) Outcomes Measurement System (OMS) is gathered from individuals who are receiving outpatient treatment services in the Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS)

Poster AEA -2015.pdf

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Eval11 Session 618: Evaluating Behavioral Health Collaboratives: Finding the Value in Process Measures as Well as Outcomes

These presentations offered comprehensive yet practical techniques to anyone who is currently engaged in or about to be engaged in evaluating a collaborative of non-profit service providers that are trying to expand access to behavioral healthcare services across a network. The presentations...


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Eval11 Session 528: Evaluating Evidence-based Guidelines

Presentation for the Cluster, Multi-site, & Multi-level Evaluation TIG - - - Title: Evaluating Guidelines Produced for Multisite or Multilevel Programs- - - Presents methods and findings for an evaluation that examined the dissemination and use of evidence-based guidelines among state tobacco...

AEA TIG Presentation_BP2_eLibrary_11.8.11.pdf

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Eval11 Session 470: The Measurement of Issues Affecting the African-American Population - Uncovering the Value

Evaluation generally evolves out of a context, be it professional or personal experience, practice, or a discipline. Despite the historical claims that evaluation is objective, we see that the process of HIV Prevention Education evaluation is frequently informed by a narrow set of values. This...