RTDE2: Evaluating Broader Impacts in Scientific Settings: Early Career Trajectories and Impacts

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Evaluating education and training programs at scientific research centers (SRCs) is challenging. SRCs often host education, training and outreach programs to leverage the scientific tools and resources developed in the institution. As a result, many programs focus primarily on providing educational opportunities rather than achieving specific outcomes. Moreover, variations in program design, duration, and target audience can undermine efforts to evaluate the collective impact of these programs. Establishing a performance measurement (PM) system integrated with the larger institutional data collection efforts would enable the consistent and on-going data collection necessary for more effective program evaluations. This paper describes the implementation of a PM system for education and training programs at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which included an evaluability assessment, the development a framework for data collection, based on the Five-Tiered Approach, and capacity building exercises with scientists to define targeted and realistic program outcomes.

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