EVAL2018: Session 1882:Enterprise Evaluation: Organizing for Optimal Impact

12-04-2018 17:28

​​In the last decade, strategies to increase research impact have led to a transformation of the scientific research enterprise.  From team science to transdisciplinary centers, from ‘big data to knowledge’ to citizen science, the quest to enhance research use has fostered collaboration among funders, scientists and broader stakeholder networks. Enterprise evaluation is a practical framework for assessing collective impacts, especially where collaboration of many individuals is required. The enterprise approach focuses on networked organizations or individuals collaborating to achieve a common impact. Session participants will learn how collective impact approaches, grounded in social change perspective, apply to scientific research enterprise and capacity building initiatives. This session presents enterprise evaluation from four perspectives: researchers, practitioners and two different federal agency evaluators. Speakers will address the need to balance flexibility with standardization, integration with independence, funder's goals with stakeholder's goals, and local evaluation with global impact.

These files will include presentations from: 
Maureen Lichtveld: Professor & Chair - Tulane University
Hannah Covert: Associate Director - Tulane University
Christie Drew: Chief, Program Analysis Branch - NIEHS
Kayla Osterhoff, MPH: Public Health Program Officer - CDC; and Monica LaBelle: Senior Evaluation Scientist - CDC Foundation

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Demystifying research outcomes using enterprise evaluation   1.35MB   1 version
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EVAL2018 - Session 1882: Presentation 1 - Lichtveld
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Assessing the impact of a public health capacity building...   726K   1 version
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EVAL2018 - Session 1882: Presentation 2 - Covert
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Local Evaluation Partnership-Building for Global Heart He...   1.97MB   1 version
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EVAL2018 - Session 1882: Presentation 4 - Labelle and Osterhoff
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Evaluating a Coordinated Research Network: an Enterprise ...   1.87MB   1 version
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EVAL2018 - Session 1882: Presentation 3 - Drew

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