RTDE1: Using Administrative Data in Science, Engineering, and Public Health Investment Program Evaluation

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Evaluating Investments in Human Capital in the Dept. of E... of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Center Program   2.34MB   1 version
Uploaded - 01-05-2017
The Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) program invests in research and training related to energy efficiency at universities around the country. Centers are led by engineering faculty from 24 universities with the extensive involvement of graduate and undergraduate students. SRI’s analysis of IAC program’s impact used a mixed-methods evaluation design to measure the program’s contribution to training the next generation of energy efficiency engineers. The analysis used qualitative data from interviews with stakeholders, a survey of IAC alumni, the IAC students exit survey, and SRI’s novel text-analytics-based approach that compared IAC alumni resumes with two comparison groups. This presentation will show how SRI aligned the evaluation design with stakeholders’ goals, and how the approach combined both traditional approaches (interviews and a survey) with new approaches in text analytics (based on unique data sources) to develop reliable and useful measures of the impacts of the program on human capital.
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Evaluating the Surveillance-Related Programs and Workforc...S   1.22MB   1 version
Uploaded - 12-07-2017
We are using available administrative data to characterize CDC’s surveillance-related programs and workforce to identify gaps and opportunities for enhancements to CDC programs and workforce. We are using advanced statistical methods, including topic modeling, to describe CDC’s intramural surveillance systems as well as extramural support to external partners, including state health departments, through grants and cooperative agreements. We are also characterizing the surveillance-related workforce, and identifying factors associated with staff promotion, retention and separation from CDC, using survival analysis. These results and other planned studies should inform CDC policies and future investments in surveillance to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency and, ultimately, improve public health.

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04-21-2017 09:46

Robin Marian Wagner, Matthew Eblen, and Laura M Mann

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