TIG Leadership

Current Leadership

Interim Chair:
Michael Harnar

Co-Program Chairs:
Dana Linnell Wanzer
Kathleen Doll

Website Coordinator:
Gregory Greenman II

Leadership Roles and Terms

The terms of the current leadership end in December 2021. Information about elections for a new slate of officers will be sent out nearer the AEA Annual Meeting (November 8-13, planned for Washington, D.C.).

Many thanks to Xiaoxia Newton for her two-year service heading the RoE TIG. As a member of the AEA Board of Directors, she had to step down in 2021. Thank you to Michael Harnar for stepping up to serve out her term.

2016-2018 Leadership

  • Co-Chair: Leslie Fierro
  • Co-Chair: Anne T. Vo
  • Co-Program Chair: Michael Harnar
  • Co-Program Chair: Sebastian Lemire
  • Website Coordinator: Sarah Mason

2019-2020 Leadership

  • Chair: Xiaoxia Newton
  • Co-Program Chair: Dana Linnell Wanzer
  • Co-Program Chair: Kathleen Doll
  • TIG Representative: Michael Harnar