CBD124: Using a Network Survey in Evaluations: The College Access Network Example - Tania Jarosewich

01-24-2013 06:38

With the increasing interest in collective action and networked organizations, evaluators are exploring ways to assess the value of network implementation and impact. This presentation describes The College Access network survey, which assesses network attributes and organizational structure needed for effective, sustainable, and accountable collective work: network management, sustainable service systems, data-driven decision making, knowledge development and dissemination, and policy expertise and advocacy. The survey was created for a college access initiative, but content specific items can be adapted to measure the functioning of other types of networks. The survey can be used with networks at various stages of development, appropriate for different types of networks (e.g., regional service networks or statewide associations); and relevant for networks with different levels of commitment to working together. The presentation will discuss how evaluators can use the survey in their own work with emerging and established networks.

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