TIG Leadership

Don Glass

Jeremy Foutz

TIG Chair

jeremy [a t] steamworkgroup.com

Using his knowledge and experience in the arts, culture, education, technology, and evaluation fields, Jeremy has collaborated with cultural arts and science organizations since 2008 to help them evaluate their work and goals to make them more meaningful and useful. With teaching and evaluation experiences complementing his training in ethnomusicology, Jeremy uses a flexible, syncretic, collaborative, and multidisciplinary approach, regardless of the particular hat worn at the time.

Jeremy is active in local and national evaluation and research associations and is currently serving on two other TIGs for the American Evaluation Association (Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation; Nonprofits and Foundations) as part of his passion for equity and improving the field.

Besides his work as founder and principal at STEAM Workgroup, Jeremy can be found learning how to do something (building furniture, assembling circuit boards), improving his skills to fix something he previously “fixed” (brake calipers, R packages), or outside trying to get various plants to grow food.

Patti Saraniero

TIG Program Co-Chair

patti [a t] moxieresearch.org    

Dr. Patti Saraniero is founder and principal of Moxie Research, established in 2004. Moxie Research collaborates with diverse client organizations, including theaters, museums, science centers and universities. Her professional practice aims to better understand formal and informal learning in the arts, culture and science and how to create inclusive and welcoming environments for visitors and audiences.

Prior to program evaluation, Dr. Saraniero ran the educational programs at La Jolla Playhouse and The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Dr. Saraniero’s first professional work was in stage management, specializing in the development of new plays at regional and Off-Broadway theatres.

She is on faculty in the Nonprofit Leadership and Management graduate program at University of San Diego where she is co-leads the graduate certificate program in arts and cultural leadership.

She attended the Yale School of Drama, holds a master’s from San Diego State University in child and family development with a focus on the development of creativity in early adolescence, and earned a doctorate in leadership studies from the University of San Diego, where she conducted one of the first large-scale studies of teaching artists.

Don Glass

TIG Program Co-Chair

donglass [a t] gmail.com

Dr. Don Glass is a visual artist, learning designer, and developmental evaluator with interests in Universal Design for Learning and Networked Improvement Science.

His design and evaluation work focuses on the integration of inclusive curriculum design and developmental evaluation strategies into the ongoing professional development of educators inside and outside of schools. He has taught, developed educational materials, and evaluated programs in schools, museums, and community-based organizations.

He has held positions at the Philadelphia Education Fund, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future, and the Kennedy Center.

He has earned a BFA from the University of the Arts, a MEd from Tyler School of Art/Temple University, and a PhD in education from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. He has been awarded a Universal Design for Learning Post-doctoral Leadership Fellowship at Boston College.