TIG Resources

Education Technology is term that covers a wide array of tools. Below are some tools and resources to help evaluators, new and old, to be effective in the field. 

General Online Resources

Better Evaluation.org BetterEvaluation is an international collaboration to improve the practice and theory of evaluation by creating and curating information on choosing and using evaluation methods and processes, including managing evaluations and strengthening evaluation capacity.
DME for Peace.org DME for Peace is a site with numerous articles.
Additionally, they host webinars every Thursday related to Evaluation.
Measure Evaluation Measure Evaluation is a well established, USAID funded organization that develops numerous resources in the field of M&E. Heavy focus on international and development.
Monitoring & Evaluation LinkedIn Group A professional network for Evaluators. Great place for promoting events, looking for work, RFPs, and discussion regarding Monitoring and Evaluation. 
Relief Web Int. ReliefWeb offers training in various content including monitoring and evaluation. Also a good source for evaluation work. 
Evaluating EPA Programs U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's site on how evaluation is used with this government agency. Good information for new evaluators.

Surveys & Tools

Western Michigan University's The Evaluation Center Checklists. The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University, through their checklist project, seeks to advance excellence in evaluation by providing high-quality checklists to guide practice.

Employment Opportunities

American Evaluation Association Job Board The AEA Job Board. Be sure to sign up for the job announcement emails. 
ReliefWeb | Jobs ReliefWeb Jobs site that hosts announcements for monitoring and evaluation work mostly for NGOs and Government work.
United Nations Development Programme Jobs Opportunities with the United Nations



Statistical Modeling, Casual Inference, and Social Science Blog focused on data analysis in the context of Social Sciences. 
Chris Blattman Chris Blattman is an economist and political scientist who studies conflict, crime and poverty. Provides data on numerous topics regarding evaluation.


Learning Management Systems (LMS) Communities

Canvas LMS Community: Instructure's Canvas LMS community. Great resource for how to guides, and additional resources such as adoption, and student engagement. 
Desire 2 Learn: