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Mapping approches to anti-corruption



If you are implementing, funding or are aware of a program that seeks to impede corruption please tell us about your work.  My colleagues, Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church and Diana Chigas, and I are mapping programs that seek to impede corruption either directly or indirectly. Though a thorough internet search is being conducted, there are many good projects that do not have a web presence and we are reaching out through various means to try to find these projects.  

This mapping is being done as part of a Carnegie funded research project through the Institute for Human Security at The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy. The purpose is to contribute to the knowledge base of possible approaches and frameworks for anti-corruption. The primary clients of this work are OECD DAC donor officers and those that influence these offices.

 Relevant projects do not need to have an explicit anti-corruption mandate; it could be transparency, integrity, accountability or even good governance.  Further these efforts may be direct (anti-corruption initiatives) or indirect (corruption sensitivity and risk assessment).  We are happy to work with whatever materials you have already developed, such as for external communication purposes.

All information provided will be part of one of the products resulting from this research process; which will be a publically disseminated product. If requested, information can be kept confidential by removing identifying information such as names (individuals, organizations, programs) or locations. 

If you would like to share program information, or have any questions, please email me at by March 27th.

Thank you for your consideration.