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1314 Planning and Pursuing an Illuminated Path: Applying Frameworks and Tools to Produce Evidence That Matters 

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This poster presents the development and implementation of a plan for evaluating North Dakota Statewide Longitudinal Data System's Develop Your Data Mindset: Essentials of Educational Data Use, an online curriculum intended to improve in-service and pre-service educators’ knowledge and skills relevant to data utilization. A program evaluation framework, logic model, theory of change, project plan, metrics spreadsheet, categories of assessment, and the A+ Inquiry model are synthesized to demonstrate how they illuminated a path for implementing an evaluation of the online curriculum. Types of evidence that were collected and analyzed through guidance of these frameworks and tools are described to provide an overview of the need for improved instructional supports relevant to educator data utilization, how the activities to develop and implement an online curriculum were appropriate to meet the need, how well the activities were implemented as planned, and the extent to to which intended outcomes of the curriculum were achieved. 

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