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Collaborating on Collaboration: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Jointly Build the Future of Evaluation 

12-03-2019 13:21

Slides and handout from AEA 2019 Conference Presentation.

Stakeholder engagement is abundant in evaluation. Each new evaluation brings about the questions of who to engage, when to engage, and how to engage. Along with these questions come contextual concerns like how to engage all relevant stakeholders in a culturally competent way while dealing with the complicated nature of power dynamics, maintaining objectivity, including underrepresented voices, etc. This session aims to use an appreciative inquiry framework to tackle these questions and issues that permeate our field by providing a space to reflect on our strengths and learn from our collective wealth of experiences. By the end of the session, attendees will: (1) learn prominent evaluation theorists’ conceptions of these issues, (2) discuss experiences, methods, and practices that best prepare us to address these key issues, and (3) collectively pave a path to the future of stakeholder engagement.

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Presentation Slides from our Conference Presentation tackling difficult issues and questions that arise in stakeholder engagement
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Guiding questions used for discussion roundtables in our presentation
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Handout with main take-aways from evaluation literature and prominent theorists such as Brad Cousins, Michael Quinn Patton, Jean King, and more about best ways to engage stakeholders