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"International Collaboration for RoE: The ISEE experience" with Amy Gullickson & Leanne Kallemeyn 

06-23-2020 10:16

This webinar was co-sponsored by the Research on Evaluation and Teaching of Evaluation TIGs.

It's no secret that collaborative research can be challenging. Project management, effectively using collaborative tools/platforms, and partnering with people who may have a different work-style are some of the challenges you might experience. Plus, throw in different time zones and things get more exciting! However, successful collaborations among academics and professionals are essential in progressing evaluation theory, praxis, and practice. In this session, we’ll discuss how international collaborative research on evaluation education is being imagined and done in the International Society for Evaluation Education (ISEE). We’ll present high level findings from a review of current literature on research collaboration, share our public agreements, norms, and processes, as well as discuss how we’ve used the literature and documents to create the CASE collaborative research group. After this webinar, you should be better equipped to start a collaborative RoE project yourself!

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