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Organizational Culture eats strategy for breakfast 

11-27-2019 09:55

Slides and Hand out materials from AEA2019 session "Organizational Culture eats strategy for breakfast" led by Holta Trandafili from World Vision US, and Wendi Bevins and Ramu Bishwakarma from Lutheran World Relief. 

Hand outs include:
-AEA ex-post poster_2019: showcases process lessons from World Vision's ex post experiences
-Grape Value Chain and Food Security Evaluation Summary: summary of ex post findings and their use by Lutheran World Relief, developed for external audiences
-Handout Tips for Ex Post Evaluation_WV and LWR: Combined tips from teams at World Vision and Lutheran World Relief based on prior ex post experience
-WVUS Sustainability Studies_FAQ_2019: FAQs based on World Vision's internal Ex Post experiences
-Zam Zam Case Study: Case Study from an ex post evaluation of a World Vision project in Sri Lanka about water provision

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Case Study from Ex Post Findings: Zam Zam   319K   1 version
Uploaded - 11-27-2019
World Vision ex post case study from a project in Sri Lanka that sought to provide water to a remote community.
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FAQs from World Visions experiences with ex post evaluations   144K   1 version
Uploaded - 11-27-2019
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World Vision poster about methods and processes for condu...   437K   1 version
Uploaded - 11-27-2019
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Slide deck from session   2.49MB   1 version
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Lutheran World Relief's summary of findings and their use...   3.54MB   1 version
Uploaded - 11-27-2019
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Combined World Vision and Lutheran World Relief tips for ...   123K   1 version
Uploaded - 11-27-2019
Tips based on our own experiences, from selecting a site/project to making effective use of the findings