Evaluation 2020

Session 1259: Applying Program Theory and Complexity Science to Enhance Adaptive Management: A New Toolkit for Complex Interventions 

10-23-2020 13:47

The best project managers manage adaptively. Most problems cannot be addressed in a linear fashion, and inevitably operating contexts provide opportunities to be leveraged or challenges to be mitigated. Adaptive management systems aim to take the guesswork out of those choices, reduce a project’s reliance on a single person’s skillset, and institutionalize processes, mindsets, and use of evidence to make the system as effective and efficient as possible. Recognizing that projects tend to differ in the degree of uncertainty they face and therefore the degree of adaptation they should expect, Pact has taken a new approach to adaptive management, one that borrows from Program Theory and Complexity Science. In this poster, Pact staff members  from Governance and Evaluation teams explain their new approach developed to support projects in determining the degree of complexity they face and tailoring their systems to that complexity.

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10-24-2020 08:54

Love the visualizations (and the content) in this poster!  Nice work team Pact!