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Demographics: What, Why, and How Evaluators Use the Information 

11-25-2019 09:47

AEA 2019 Conference Presentation; Eval19

As evaluators we need to carefully craft questions to ensure we are meeting the goals and needs of our stakeholders, while also ensuring minimal harm to the individuals participating in the survey. Historically, research and evaluation on people has collected data from oppressed groups of people in order to continue to benefit the oppressors. This is particularly relevant when looking at demographic questions, and is a timely and continually relevant discussion in the field of evaluation now and into the future. On the other hand, the intentional use of disaggregated demographic information is an important tool in helping to ensure the equitable provision of programs, services, and outcomes for stakeholders. Our panel will build upon last year’s conference theme of “Speaking Truth to Power” and it will connect to this year’s theme of “Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, Renewal” by providing specific examples of how we, as evaluators, are approaching the collecting and reporting of potentially sensitive demographic information.

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Presentation at the 2019 AEA Conference on Demographics By Alice Anderson, Emily Kalnicky, Katharine Wood, and Renae Youngs