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Practical methods to obtain 77% response rate: Lessons learned from over 2,000 respondents, 4 continents, and 8 languages 

01-19-2018 23:28

Evaluators are concerned with declining survey response rates. In global health and international development programs, survey research is invaluable to inform progress, tailor interventions, and make course corrections. Successfully reaching public-sector health workers can be particularly challenging if there is no organized collection of updated email addresses or automated dissemination platform. Even if your survey is short, valid, reliable, and available in multiple languages, evaluators need to consider various methods of survey dissemination in developing country public-sector settings that are facing constraints in organizational capacity. Drawing on our experience in four continents, this session discussed how tailored strategies, negotiation with key government collaborators, and working with health system supervisors beyond the central level can contribute to the evaluator’s desired response rate.

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