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Evaluating “Sustainable Development Goals”: How can Evaluators Contribute to Moving the Goals beyond Wishful Thinking? Valuing Voices contribution (Session #1952) 

12-05-2017 17:39

This Think Tank will raise questions on the role that evaluations can play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We explore the following aspects of evaluating SDGs: 1) The role of evaluations in navigating the SDGs; 2) How evaluations can be integrated with monitoring systems; 3) Trade-offs involved in balancing equity, efficiency and sustainability; 4) How one can move away from a fixation on indicators towards understanding the underlying mechanisms that drive these indicators; 5) The timeline and trajectories of key SDG indicators; 6) How heterogeneities of different country contexts can be incorporated into an evaluation system. Different evaluation approaches to SDGs will be considered including realist, impact and developmental evaluation. We anticipate the audience will also be involved in providing feedback on analytical methods for evaluating SDGs.

Valuing Voices contribution forms 1/3 of the total presentation with Sanjeev Sridharan and Fred Carden

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