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Theories of Evaluation Topical Interest Group

Have you ever wondered,
What is evaluation theory?
How do we evaluate evaluation theories?
How does theory impact practice?
How does practice impact theory? 
How can we diversify our theory landscape?

Wherever you are on your journey as an evaluator, if you've asked these questions,
the Theories of Evaluation TIG is the space for you! 


Through collaboration and co-learning, the Theories of Evaluation (ToE) TIG seeks
to facilitate and contribute to the development and refinement of theoretical and
empirical advances and development in Evaluation theories, models, and philosophy.

"... there is nothing so practical as good theory." - Kurt Lewin (1951)

"... there is nothing so theoretical as good practice." - Michael Fullan (2001)

Upcoming Events & Announcements

The call for AEA 2022 proposals is now closed. 
For up to date information on the conference click here

Thank you to all you volunteered to review proposals. We will contact you soon with instructions and training materials. Below is the timeline for reviews. 
  • 5/6 - Proposal review period begins
  • 6/6 - Deadline for TIG chairs to submit accepted proposals to AEA