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American Journal of Evaluation - Special Edition

The American Journal of Evaluation has issued a special edition focused at the intersection of impact measurement and evaluation, available online here

Where Impact Measurement Meets Evaluation: Tensions, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Authors - Anne T. Vo, Christina A. Christie
Putting the “Impact” in Impact Investing: The Rising Demand for Data and Evidence of Social Outcomes
  • Authors - Jane Reisman, Veronica Olazabal, Shawna Hoffman 
Facing Challenges, Building the Field: Improving the Measurement of the Social Impact of Market-Based Approaches
  • Authors - Karim Harji, Edward T. Jackson
The Need for Analysts in Social Impact Measurement: How Evaluators Can Help
  • Authors - Kate Ruff, Sara Olsen
Moving Toward “Impact-Adjusted” Financial Returns
  • Authors - Lisa Hehenberger, Anna-Marie Harling

Impact Toolkit (formerly known as the "Measurement Map/Resource Hub"), by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

  • This toolkit is an open source resource hub of Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) tools and resources that are fit-for-purpose to help address the fragmentation we see in this space.
  • If you would like to contribute a resource for inclusion in the toolkit, download this Excel file: ImpactToolkit_template.xlsx, and then email so they can review and upload the resource on the site. 

Case study
on 3 social enterprises in Nicaragua, Brazil and Peru.
The following case study was presented at the ANDE Metrics Conference in Nairobi and FLII in Merida is aimed towards impact investors and investees on the lessons learned while conducting monitoring and evaluation pilots with social enterprises. On these pilots developed, context specific surveys and data collection processes for the pilots and selected indicators from a standard framework. More information is available here

European Commission (EC) External Investment Plan. See their November 2017 Newsletter on implementation (see page 11 on impact measurement): EC_External_Investment_Plan_Nov17_Newsletter.pdf

Roundtable on Development Innovation for the 2030 Agenda on November 21, 2017. Hosted by: Canadian representatives at OECD and OECD-DAC.
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
OECD Social Impact Investment: The Impact Imperative for Sustainable Development 2019 report, the sequel to the 2015 report on Building the Evidence Base for Social Impact Investment.
OECD 2019 PF4SD Conference on the Impact Imperative:
  • Summary Report on the event here
  • Additional material from the week-sessions here