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2020 AEA Presentation Resources
Presidential Strand: Social Finance and the Role of Public Policy slide deck: 201027_AEA_IMM_Public_Policy_Slides_final.pdf

2019 AEA Presentation Resources

Carter Garber made a presentation at EVAL2019 entitled “Sparking social investor’s increasing engagement through Social Impact Measurment," which contained some interesting new elements. He described the 3 new CERISE tools that were designed for impact investors or investees. They are aligned with universal instruments and SDGs. Many North Americans are as yet unaware of these tools developed by the French NGO along with other European impact investment organizations. These are on slides 14, 15 and 16. CERISE has not yet attended AEA.

The second focus of the presentation was on two new case studies on the reasons that investors lent and their investment intentions.
  • slides 18-23 report on a survey of 28 European investors regarding their current investments in housing and their future interest in investing. It shows the large gap between intention and active investment. This reveals challenges in areas to induce more investments in a variety of aspects that are needed for housing, including construction, materials, labor, enterprises, etc.
  • The second case study is on WCCN, which describes a 2019 4-month mixed method evaluation that IDEAS did on individuals and institutional investors who are lending to an investing intermediary directed to MFIs in 7 Latin Am countries. That is in slides 20 through 30. This is one of the first evaluations of individual investors most of whom do not have high net worth (although half the capital comes from those who lend between $50k and $500k).
Slides on the presentation available here. References used are here.

2019 AEA Summer Institute

Carter Garber and David Prichard facilitated a workshop at the 2019 AEA Summer Institute on Social Impact Measurement. See a summary here.