AEA presentations

AEA 2020 - Virtual
Presidential Strand "Social Finance and Public Policy: What Role for Evaluators?"
Panelists: Jane Reisman, Deborah Rugg, Veronica Olazabal, John Sherman

"Impact Investing and Developmental Evaluation – Shining the Light on Learning"
Panelists: Lee Alexander Risby, Veronica Olazabal, Karim Harji, Penny Hawkins, Daniel Viederman
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AEA 2019 - Minneapolis
Please see the following PDF for a list of accepted SIM TIG presentations.

2018 - Cleveland

Poster Reception and Meet-the-Authors



1860: Mixed Methods Impact Evaluation empowers Investees to Speak Truths to Powerful Investors

Birds of a Feather
1229: Intersecting transformative evaluation and social impact investing


1467: Personalized evaluation: How evaluation methodology affects payment risk in Pay for Success projects


Business TIG Mixer


SIM TIG Business Meeting (Attend if you are interested in Social Impact Measurement! All are welcome.)




1351: Bridging Evaluation and Impact Measurement and Management**



1757: Developing a Capacity-Assessment Toolkit to Assist a Broad-Base of Service Provider Organizations to Participate and Be Successful in Pay for Success Initiatives



1595: Evaluating Social Impact at the Intersection of the Technology and Nonprofit Sectors



2723: Integrating GBA+ into Impact Measurement Strategies: Supporting Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equity in Outcomes-based Policy Approaches



1293: Revisiting 'The leap from ROI to SROI': The Role of Evaluators in Mediating Power in the Determination of Value




2164: Empowering the impact investing sector with poverty data


1321: Can Creating Social + Business Metric ‘Power Couples’ Help Maximize Your Impact?


AEA 2017 - Washington D.C.
1170: Overcoming Barriers to Building a Dynamic Evaluation-Informed Learning Culture in Philanthropy

2395: Innovation in Methodological Practices in Impact Investing—Part I

1248: Learning Together: Follow On Conversation About Current Initiatives on Advancing Impact Measurement and Management in Impact Investing and Other Market Solutions

2333: Innovation in Methodological Practices in Impact Investing – Part II

NPF2: Funders, Foundations, and Grantees: High Impact Investments and Collaboration through Evaluation