About Us

The Social Impact Measurement TIG was launched in 2016 at Impact Convergence, the pre-conference to AEA's Annual Conference in Atlanta. Its purpose is to:

  1. Contribute to greater awareness and knowledge sharing amongst the conventional evaluation sector and market actors interested in evaluating impact of their work about the tools and approaches used by each;
  2. Develop and/or adapt of appropriate tools, methods and approaches for innovative finance and market based models; and
  1. Strengthen the evaluative capacity of individuals and organizations to assess and evaluate the outcomes and impact for this emerging and growing area.

During the groups first Business Meeting in October 2016, the following list of activities were prioritized for the TIGs first year:

  1. Build foundation for the TIG
  2. Share background resources and relevant articles on TIG website
  3. Explore how TIG can be more visible to AEA Community
  4. Consider formal and informal partnership

Please stay tuned as the group continues evolving!

TIG Leadership

Veronica Olazabal, The Rockefeller Foundation, volazabal@gmail.com
Karim Harji, Purpose Capital, karim@purposecap.com 

2021 Leadership Team

Ben Fowler headshot
Ben Fowler, MarketShare Associates | Chair, ben[at]marketshareassociates.com

Courtney Bolinson headshot
Courtney Bolinson, Engineers without Borders Canada | Co-Program Chair, courtneybolinson[at]ewb.ca
Heather Esper headshot
Heather Esper, William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan | Member Communications, hmoehle[at]umich.edu

Leah Goldstein MosesLeah G. Moses, The Improve Group | Past Chair, Leah[at]theimprovegroup.com

John Sherman headshotJohn Sherman, pfc Social Impact Advisors | Chair at-large, jsherman[at]pfcsocialimpact.org

Sara McGarraughSara Stalland McGarraugh, The Improve Group | Co-Program Chair, saras[at]theimprovegroup.com
Sasha Zoueva headshotSasha Zoueva, Johnson and Johnson | Chair at-large, azoueva[at]its.jnj.com