As we solidly move into 2020, we have much to share with you! We are excited to give updates about SIM TIG activities, plans and ways for you to engage with the TIG and/or assume leadership roles. More information will be forthcoming.


SIM TIG leadership

Alyna Wyatt, Ex-Officio Chair, Leah Goldstein-Moses, Chair, Ben Fowler, Program Chair, and Courtney Bolinson,Sara McGarraugh, John Sherman.


AEA Updates

Who we are & Why we exist
We are...a group of people who are interested in the topic of social impact measurement. We come from many backgrounds: from evaluators to evaluation commissioners, investors to investees. Membership in our TIG means that you want to learn more about the field; you can be at the forefront of this work or just learning about it.

We provide...
Thought partnership
Networking in the field
AEA blog weeks
Review and support of conference presentations
Web resources
Leadership opportunities


WEBINAR SERIES: The AEA SIM TIG is co-sponsoring a webinar series on social impact investing, highlighting the work and experiences of several investors and evaluators. Webinars are free and being hosted in September and October. Learn more here.

Carter Garber and David Prichard facilitated a workshop at the 2019 AEA Summer Institute on Social Impact Measurement. See a summary here.

The OECD came out with a report on social impact investing. Download it here. Or visit our TIG Resources/Reports & Tools page.

Interested in resources? Navigate to our web pages with reports and tools here.

Check out our SIM_TIG_Strategy_Report_2018.pdf. If you are interested in leading action around any of the strategy areas, please contact Jane or Alyna.

Contribute to or get resources from the GIIN Impact Toolkit. More info available on our Reports and Tools page.

See our Conference session resources web page for notes on recent conferences related to this sector.
Please let us know if you have any upcoming conferences that are relevant to SIM. We are happy to post! Email: saras[at]theimprovegroup.com


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