As we solidly move into 2019, we have much to share with you! We are excited to give updates about SIM TIG activities, plans and ways for you to engage with the TIG and/or assume leadership roles. 

Firstly, we are consolidating the range of resources that have been published about Social Impact Measurement on the website.

Second, the AEA Requests for Proposals has been announced and we look forward to many submissions from TIG members and the broader AEA and SIM communities.  We are mindful that this TIG attracts people who are new to thinking about Social Impact Measurement (from a market-solutions and innovative finance perspective) and those who have been steeped in this area for some time and have dedicated a significant attention to this area of evaluation.   This array of needs will be important when considering the variety of conference sessions that this TIG puts forward. 

Action Requested:  

1) Please develop proposal submissions for AEA 2019 tied to social impact measurement. 

2) If you have ideas for panel sessions that we would need to coordinate across TIG members, please reach out to us.

3) Please let us know if you would like to be a proposal reviewer. 

Third, is the AEA meeting itself.  This year, the conference will take place in Minneapolis, MN. Minnesota has a rich evaluation culture, with several leaders in the field calling the State home and a very active local community of independent evaluators, evaluation firms, and internal evaluators in the public, non-profit and even corporate sectors. Local evaluators are currently making plans to make this conference welcoming and engaging, including field trips and incorporating local culture and flavors.

Action Requested:   

1) Please come to Minnesota and invite others in your networks to attend as well--especially evaluation and social impact measurement practitioners who have not previously engaged with AEA.   

As you can see, we are all charged up and ready to keep the wonderful momentum going as we build out the SIM TIG's place on the landscape.  In the event that you do not wish to receive emails about the TIG going forward, please notify us so we can delete you name from the email list. 


SIM TIG leadership

Alyna Wyatt, Chair, Leah Goldstein-Moses, Program Chair, and Courtney Bolinson, Ben Fowler, Sara MacGarragh, Jane Reisman, John Sherman,


AEA Updates

2019 Conference
AEA is hosting the annual conference in Minneapolis from November 11 - 16th. Please see conference page for more details.


WEBINAR SERIES: The AEA SIM TIG is co-sponsoring a webinar series on social impact investing, highlighting the work and experiences of several investors and evaluators. Webinars are free and being hosted in September and October. Learn more here.

Carter Garber and David Prichard facilitated a workshop at the 2019 AEA Summer Institute on Social Impact Measurement. See a summary here.

The OECD came out with a report on social impact investing. Download it here. Or visit our TIG Resources/Reports & Tools page.

Interested in resources? Navigate to our web pages with reports and tools here.

Check out our SIM_TIG_Strategy_Report_2018.pdf. If you are interested in leading action around any of the strategy areas, please contact Jane or Alyna.

Contribute to or get resources from the GIIN Impact Toolkit. More info available on our Reports and Tools page.

See our Conference session resources web page for notes on recent conferences related to this sector.
Please let us know if you have any upcoming conferences that are relevant to SIM. We are happy to post! Email: saras[at]theimprovegroup.com


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