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Community-Based Health Supports for Fishing Families: Innovative Design in Uncharted Waters. Ignite presentation from Eval16

This Ignite talk shares an example of the integration of program design and evaluation by a non-profit to reach an underserved population of fishing families in New England. The design of evaluation tools and integration of data into practice is also innovative and challenging, with implications...

biesecker AEA Ignite 2016 with narrative in notes.pptx

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The Model of Validity of Pain Management Outcome Evaluation for Tertiary Hospital

The purpose of this research was to develop a valid model for an evaluation of the outcome of the pain management at Tertiary hospital. The research was organized at one tertiary hospital in Phitsanulok province, Thailand between Oct13, 2015 and Mar13, 2016. In the first step, via an interview,...

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Engaging Various Levels of Stakeholders in Grant-Mandated Evaluation of Community-Based Organizations

These materials are from the Evaluation 2015 session. How can I build stakeholder interest in funder-mandated evaluations of a complex, multi-site program? During this session, participants will explore this question using the Community HealthCorps AmeriCorps program as an example. Community...

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EVAL14 Presentation M&E of scale-up in two complex systems – community and health care – how systems, methodologies, and stakeholder approaches differ

This PowerPoint presentation from the AEA 2014 conference in Denver on 17 October 2014 compares monitoring and evaluation of two health interventions going to scale in complex systems - one a public sector health system in Rwanda, the other a community-based system in Benin. Still a work-in...

AEA 2014 Presentation_Comparing ME SU in Comm vs Hlth Care Systems_17Oct_FINAL.pdf

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Eval14 Paper Presentation: Using Systems Evaluation in Healthcare

Presentation by Bakken, Ross and Olson at AEA 2014. The presenters describe the findings from the first phase of an evaluation study designed to determine the contributions of a Morbidity, Mortality and Improvement Conference to changes in clinical practice and improvements in patient care at...

Presentation #2 FINAL - For AEA Web Site.pptx

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Eval14 Demonstration: From Program Theory to Systems Theory: Using Logic Analysis to Reconceptualize an Evaluation

AEA Presentation on how and why an evaluation team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center developed a systems theory for an MM&I conference using logic analysis #SystemsinEvaluation #2014Conference #ProgramTheoryandTheoryDrivenEvaluation #HealthEvaluation

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