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Using Evaluability Assessment to Design an Evaluation

Using appreciative inquiry in conducting an evaluability assessment, we focused on the strengths and success of the Institutional Research and Analytics (IR & A) at Southern Illinois University. Our challenge was to assess OIR & A and design an evaluation which would inform the office on how...

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GCSC and Evaluative Thinking

"Not a Member of the Project Core Team? But We Need Your Evaluative Feedback!" This is a presentation (#602) at the AEA 2013 27th Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The presenters are sharing their experiences about how evaluative thinking became a way of life for the Greater Cincinnati STEM...

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Eval12 Session 276: Promoting Evaluative Thinking, the Missing Ingredient in Evaluation Capacity Building

This presentation by Jane Buckley and Thomas Archibald was part of a multipaper session entitled, "Overcoming Organization Culture to Adopt Evaluation Capacity Building," held on Thursday 10/25 at AEA 2012.When you do an evaluation for someone, she has an evaluation report. When you teach...

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Eval11 Session 218: Evaluative Thinking: What is it? Why does it matter? How can we measure it?

Evaluation capacity building (ECB) focuses on facilitating the development of individual and organizational competencies and structures—such as evaluation knowledge and an organizational culture of evaluation—that promote sustained, high quality evaluation. Evaluative thinking is also mentioned...

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