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AEA 2019 Conference: Crafting Strong Measures for Indicators of Performance (2M Research)

This workshop focused on how to develop strong goals, objectives, and performance measures within an evaluation in order to demonstrate evidence of a successful intervention. The workshop provided definitions of goals, objectives, and performance measures and the criteria that should be...

Crafting Strong Measures_2M Research_AEA 2019.pdf

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Eval11 Session 822: What's new in RealWorld Evaluation?

Presentation at AEA 2011 session #822 highlighting what's new in the 2nd edition of the RealWorld Evaluation book #2011Conference #InternationalandCross-CulturalEval #TheoriesofEvaluation #RealWorldEvaluationbook

822 What's new in RealWorld Evaluation 2nd edition.pptx

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Eval12 Session 775: Measuring Collaboration - How Do You Know When Professionals “Collaborate” Well?

Presentation from the AEA 2012 Think Tank entitled, "Measuring Collaboration: How Do You Know When Professionals 'Collaborate' Well?" (session #775). Includes general questions to consider when planning to evaluate collaborations and three example approaches to evaluating collaboration from the...

Think Tank - Measuring Collaboration Oct 22 2012 for FINAL review.pptx

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Practice to Research: Shifting the Paradigm to Partner with Local Universities and Research Institutions

Eval 2016 Session: Human Service personnel are often focused on the necessity of attending to funder and regulatory requirements and the immediate need of serving their clients. These daily rigors allow little time for reflection or staying cognizant of the relevant academic literature and...

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Focus Search - Sustainable post project Considerations 1. What do

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Designing a partner-centered ECB initiative: 360° perspectives from a corporate philanthropy program

Presentation from AEA 2016 Conference (Eval16) providing perspectives from a funder, external evaluators, and NGO partners regarding a partner-centered evaluation capacity-building initiative. #Conference #Eval16 #Conference2016

AEA HF slides FINAL (10-26-2016).pdf

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Valuing What Matters: Using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology in international development programs

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a methodology used to understand and assess the value of the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by an activity or an organization. SROI is centered on beneficiary engagement where project stakeholders identify outcomes and the relative...

SROI panel AEA Pact 29 Oct 2016 external.pdf

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Eval11 Workshop 11: What's New in RealWorld Evaluation?

PowerPoint presentation plus condensed overview of the new RealWorld Evaluation book (to be published by Sage in December). In graduate school, you might have learned how to do research using randomized control trials. Then you were asked to design an evaluation of a “real” program. But, what if...

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Focus Search - participants Comparison group post project

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