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Eval14-Using design thinking to facilitate data collection and use among stakeholders

Adams, C., Nash, J.B., & Rous, B. Using design thinking approaches to facilitate data collection and use among stakeholders.A design thinking approach is a way of generating ideas and finding solutions to complex problems which have a degree of uncertainty. A critical feature of design thinking...

Using design thinking to facilitate data collection and use among stakeholders.pdf

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Why Should I Fill this Out? Strategies for Increasing Response Rates In End-of-course Evaluations

PowerPoint presentation in the Higher Education Evaluation and Assessment track for the Eval 2014 conference. The presentation describes a recent study of teaching faculty about the strategies used to increase response rates on end-of-course evaluations. Study methodology, results and...

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Focus Search - learning about evaluation a part of the class 3

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Exploring Effective Strategies for Facilitating Evauation Capacity Building

These handouts describe our evaluation capacity building model, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to ECB, as well as detailed descriptions of several capacity building approaches. #TeachingofEvaluation #2009Conference #evaluation #HowTo #capacity #Evaluation2009 ...

AEA 09 ECB Handouts - Final.doc

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Eval11 Session 472: Evaluator Skill Acquisition - Linking Educational Experiences to Competencies

This presentation from the 2011 AEA conference presents the results of a survey administered to AEA's Graduate Student and New Evaluators Topical Interest Group. Respondents were asked about their training experiences, their confidence in certain skills and knowledge, and the components of their...

Dillman, AEA, Evaluator Skill Acquisition.pdf

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Using Evaluation for Organizational Learning in an Evolving National Non-Profit Context: The Case of City Year

Proposal AbstractCity Year is a national service organization founded in 1988 that unites young people for a year of full-time service in urban communities. Each year, more than 1,500 17-24 year olds from diverse backgrounds work with underserved children as tutors and mentors in 18 cities in...

biesecker lewis d'amante kurth handout 2009.pdf

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Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice (2008 AEA Presidential Address Transcript)

This is an edited transcript of the 2008 AEA Presidential Address that integrates the text of the talk with the powerpoint slides. #EvaluationPolicy #Conference #2008

Evaluation Policy and Practice Presentation Edited Transcript.pdf

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A Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions

An evaluation’s findings may be more relevant, credible, and useful when a wide range of stakeholders are involved in developing its guiding questions. In this practical guide, FSG notes that soliciting input from stakeholders early in the evaluation design process addresses specific stakeholder...


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Conference PDW #8: Building Evaluation Capacity of Community Organizations

Are you working with local community groups (coalitions, nonprofits, social service agencies, local health departments, volunteers, school boards) that are trying to evaluate the outcomes of their work to meet a funding requirement, an organizational expectation, or to enhance their own program...