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Using Community-Based Participatory Evaluation (CBPE) Methods as a Tool to Sustain a Community Health Coalition

Article published on Community Based Participatory Evaluation (CBPE) framework - particularly applicable for internal evaluators and in coalition evaluation. Reference: Aldrich, L., D. Silva, D. Marable, E. Sandman, M. Abraham. Using Community-Based Participatory Evaluation (CBPE) Methods as a...

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Eval12 Session 681: Building NOAA Education’s Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity: An Internal Evaluation Perspective

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Education Council has embarked on an ambitious monitoring and evaluation (M&E) project that will allow it to assess education program outcomes across the agency’s 16 education offices and programs. Working with the agency’s internal and...

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Evaluation 2009 Conference Program

PDF of the Evaluation 2009 Program, sans covers due to size, as it went to print. #2009Conference #Communications #program #Evaluation2009 #Communications #Conference