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Evolution of Evaluation Capacity Building in a Network

This panel presented results from a research study about evaluation capacity building in the NISE Net, a national network supporting informal education about nanoscience. The panel format included brief presentations by three panelists followed by two discussants. The panelists presented (1)...

2015 AEA CASNET combined slides.pptx

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Evaluating Complex System Interventions

Here are three resources on using a systems-orientation to evaluation from the presession that Meg Hargreaves and I conducted at the 2009 Conference about evaluating complex system interventions. I'm posting the powerpoint slides we used, a set of questions that help build a systemic orientation...

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Evaluating Resilience: Partnering to Measure Complexity

Given the increased attention to resilience-strengthening in international humanitarian and development work, there has been concurrent interest in its measurement and the overall accountability of “resilience strengthening” initiatives. The literature is reaching beyond the polemic of defining...

AEA Resilience Session Denver AEA - 10-2014.pdf

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Evaluation Questions to Systems Methods

The powerpoint and background material for the session entitled Fitting the Key to the Lock. It includes the powerpoint, the full set of handouts plus one page descriptions of the methods. The questions themselves are a work in progress and feedback very welcome #complex #Systems ...

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Evaluating Social Innovation

Evaluating Social Innovation, a new report developed by FSG and the Center for Evaluation Innovation, challenges grantmakers to explore how common evaluation approaches and practices constrain innovation, and examines a new approach to evaluating social innovation known as "developmental...

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Monitoring and evaluation of scale up within health systems

Presentation and related publications on scaling up a reproductive health innovation, using a systems oriented approach, based on a 5 year prospective study in five countries. #scaleupME #evaluationofcomplexsystems #healthinnovations

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