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AEA2013 Presentation: Evaluating Training and Career Development Grants - Lessons Learned and Recommendations from the ICRP

Presentation given at AEA2013 - Health Evaluation TIG #Research,Technology,andDevelopmentEval #bestpractices #HealthEvaluation #2013Conference #benchmarks

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Focus Search - ranges from most common measures were

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Public by Default: Sharing Evaluation Tools on Github

In this demonstration you will learn about Github, a web-based service for hosting open source project contributions, and how to use it to share and access evaluation tools. Participants will walk away with an understanding of github and how it might apply to internal evaluation where front-line...

AEA 2015 - Github - 11-11-2015.pdf

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Eval10 Session 521: Research Synthesis of Evaluation Capacity Building Literature

The pressure for evidence-based practice continues to burgeon and create expectations for organizations to engage in evaluation. This leads to a greater demand for evaluation capacity building (ECB) and for evaluating ECB. This study uses research synthesis, a core methodology used for current...

ECB_Synthesis_AEA 2010_ Labin Duffy Wandersman Meyers.pdf

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Eval10 Session 521: Evaluation Capacity Building Models, Measures and Outcomes Session Slides

The files are the final presentation slides from AEA 2010 Session 521. They include slides for all three presentations: (1) Labin, Duffy, Duncan, and Wandersman (keywords: research synthesis, data synthesis, ECB); (2) Taylor-Ritzler, Suarez-Balcazar, and Garcia-Iriarte (keywords: ECB, models,...

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Focus Search - infancy- ready for common measures stronger

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Evaluating with Validity by Ernest R House: Chapters 4-6

Chapters from Evaluating with Validity for the 2010 Type I Student Travel Awards. Copied with permission of the author/copyright holder. #validity #evaluating

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