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Eval 13: Session 922 - Towards Measuring the Social Impact of Nonprofits and Philanthropies in China

The world's second largest economy, China, is also home to the second most number of billionaires. Only the U.S. has more. China's miraculous growth in wealth in recent decades has not only lifted millions out of poverty, but it has also led to the growth of the ultra-wealthy and consequently,...

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Assessing Organizational Change in INGOs: The Ins and Outs of an Outside In Perspective

This presentation presents the main findings from assessment of significant organizational change in a range of large INGOs which started in the past 5-8 years and are often still ongoing. I focus particularly on how these change processes have been led and managed. I also discuss what types of...

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Ethics Sessions Listing from the 2008 AEA Annual Conference

Ethics Sessions Listing from the 2008 AEA Annual Conference, compiled by the 2008 AEA Ethics Committee. #Ethics #Conference

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Eval12 Session 961: Using Social Return on Investment (SROI) in the Ukraine

Presentation Abstract: This is a presentation from AEA 2012 confrence on the social return on Investment for advocacy programs. The presentation and handouts that were distributed at the conference explain how Pact applied this methodology in the context of Ukraine. The report presents...

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