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Eval11 Sesion 431: Considering Complexities of Culturally Competent Evaluation in the Development Context: Afghanistan Teachers Professional Development Program

Culture and values permeate all aspects of evaluations, so culturally competent evaluation requires delicate attention to the complexities of social, political, and cultural relations between evaluators and stakeholders and among stakeholders themselves. The development context, where...

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Eval11 Session 897: Knowledge, Pedagogy, Practice or Student Achievement: Evaluating a Middle School Math M.Ed. Professional Development Program

This paper discusses the outcomes evaluation of a University’s Middle School Math M.Ed. degree program. The program was initiated through a State-funded grant, in collaboration with a local urban school district and the University. The paper describes how the evaluation team and University’s...

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Meaningful Evaluation in the Context of Schools

Three presentations as they were presented at AEA 2015 for the session, "Meaningful Evaluation in the Context of Schools" on Fri, Nov 13, 2015 (03:30 PM - 04:15 PM).1. Holistically Evaluating Teacher Professional Development2. Rapid Cycles of Evaluation for School Improvement3. School Autonomy &...

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