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Eval12 Session 925: Communicating Success Case Studies in Complex Organizations

Slides for "Communicating Success Case Studies in Complex Organizations" (includes presentation notes) Abstract: Success case studies can be an effective way to identify underlying patterns, relationships, and dynamics that lead to program success or failure

AEA Communicating Success Case Studies public elibrary henderson.pptx

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Eval12 Session 925: Success Case Method: Application in a CTSA Context

Case study methodologies (Yin and Stake) and the Success Case Method (Brinkerhoff) are key approaches to exploring in depth and detail how the CTSA infrastructure supports improvement in clinical and translational research

Bates Johnson Success Case Study AEA 12 a.pptx

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Eval10 Session 283: Using the Cynefin Framework in Evaluation Planning: A Case Example

This paper provides a case study of the use of the Cynefin framework in evaluation planning. The Cynefin framework is a systems thinking tool that can be used to describe evaluation situations. The framework describes four types of dynamics and corresponding types of inquiry. The paper...

Cynefin Case Example aea2010.pdf

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Session 855 - Andy Rowe WURT and Surveys as Rapid Techniques

Evaluators need techniques to quickly return information and useful insights to the program; particularly early in an evaluation where this can significantly increase the social capital of the evaluator in the eyes of those who can influence evaluation use. Two rapid techniques are discussed. ...

AEA 2009 Rapid Response Presentation 2.ppt

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A Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions

An evaluation’s findings may be more relevant, credible, and useful when a wide range of stakeholders are involved in developing its guiding questions. In this practical guide, FSG notes that soliciting input from stakeholders early in the evaluation design process addresses specific stakeholder...