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Using the Systems Evaluation Protocol for Evaluation Planning (AEA09 # 395)

This is the first section of a panel titled "Building and Evaluating a System Based Approach to Evaluation Capacity Building" which presented the recent work by the Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation under the direction of Bill Trochim. This section specifically provides an overview of...

Systems Approach to ECB - Panel Part 1 - Using the SEP for Planning.pdf

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Eval13 Session 118: Assessing Scalability

International development addresses problems that reach across borders and affect millions of people, requiring broadly applicable tools that can be sustainably applied across sectors. To do this, innovative solutions need to be effectively scaled, and this requires not only a separate skills...

MSI's Scaling in Evaluations - AEA 2013- FINAL-ext.pptx

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Eval10 Session 751: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast: An Evaluator Taking Stock of a Decade of Trying to Keep Up with Advocates

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast: Calibrating Evaluator Engagement to the Pace of Campaigners and Advocates When Developing Theories of Change (10:00-10:45, Saturday Nov. 13). This presentation examines how advocacy in southern contexts differs from advocacy in the US, identifies three key theory...

Roper Southern Advc Eval 2010.pdf

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Eval12 Session 827: Managing Your Needs Assessment

Needs assessments may be small to large or simple to complex depending on the nature of the issue to be addressed. Having a process in place to plan and manage your needs assessment – whatever its size and complexity – will aid in the assessment’s success. Without a plan, you are at risk of...

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Focus Search - goals and objectives Stakeholder analysis

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Performance Evaluation as a Distinct Hybrid Form of Research Methods

Performance evaluation should be viewed as an applied hybrid method distinct from program evaluation (defined by Peter Rossi) which combines methods from four different institutions each speaking a different policy language (Policy, Management, Programs and Accountability) as well as mixed...

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Eval 2013 Session 307: Integrated Approach to Results Management in a Knowledge Organization - The Experience of the World Bank Institute

Materials shared in the session at the 2013 Conference session on the World Bank Institute's approach to results management. The panel includes a conceptual introduction to the Capacity Development and Results Framework, an exploration of the World Bank Institute's results management cycle and...

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Focus Search - Communication and Stakeholder Analysis Course – Oct