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Light Your Ignite Training Webinar

Ignite sessions are a new addition to the set of session types presented at the 2012 AEA annual conference. Just 5 minutes in length, Ignite sessions are very short and thus the presenter must be prepared and the presentation must be structured. In a 30 minute training webinar, held twice, AEA’s...


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Eval13 Session 712: Mixed Method Evaluation of Municipal Out-of-School-Time (OST) Program done by the Parents

*Yesterday, I uploaded a file without doing spell checking. I will revise it now, with yellow marked words newly added. Sorry about these inconvenience.This is just a introduction of my presentation. This is not a handout. This is a temporary one. This is consisted of;#Aki’s Oath##TITLE##PREFACE...

My Oath and Draft for Presentation on 19th Oct (DRAFT)1.pdf